About Us

The Young-Adult ministry of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry U.S.A. is a group of devoted, dedicated and and determined believers, ranging from ages 18 – 35, with the sole aim of living a God-designed, purpose-driven life on earth, while on a journey to heaven. This ministry isĀ focused on challenging young adults to a life of holiness in the midst of a rotten and putrid culture.

Our vision is to see young people with “fire in their bones”, kindling revival in every parts of the United State of America. The mission of this group is to build and develop strong men and women that will Stand for God, Spread the word and Shine for God wherever we find ourselves.

Annually, every member of the group gathers together in any chosen state to have FUN. (Fellowship together, listen to Undiluted messages of the word of God, and Network with other young-minded believers, in every aspect of life including spiritually, professionally and socially).


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