Developing Your God-Quotient

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At some point in your life, chances are, you would have come across the acronym “IQ”. Perhaps it was a curious friend asking “What is your IQ?” or maybe someone just explaining what it was. Indeed, IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is a common metric that employed to estimate how intelligent a person is. The IQ of a person (usually a number above 40) is usually determined from a unique standardized test, and the greater the number, the more intelligent we deem the said individual.  Now, even in cases where IQ tests are not used, we usually are able to tell that a person has an above average intelligence or not, by observing or interacting with them.

The word Quotient tells the degree or amount to which a specific quality or characteristic is present, therefore, one’s God Quotient answers the questions “How much of God do you carry?”, “To what degree are you filled with God?”, “How much do you know God?”.


What it Really Means to Know God
(Phil 3:10; Romans 12:2; Col 1:9-10; 1 John 3:6)

A person with a growing God Quotient is one that knows the Lord.

Knowledge of God transcends the common idea of merely being aware and informed about God or His Word. When a young man knows the Lord, he has a growing experiential intimacy with the Lord that arises from learning about and acting on the Word of God; and this intimacy causes him to live in a different realm.

The Apostle Paul was, in fact, a good example of one that knew the Lord; but the more He knew the Lord, the more He wanted to know the Lord (Phil 3:10).

It is important to see that the experiential intimacy of the Lord is proportional to an acute awareness of the Word of God and His promises. When a young lady knows the Lord, she is also able to rightly divide the Word of God (2 Tim 2:15).  Once upon a time, Brother Paul had to stand his ground in Thessalonica, as he reasoned with the people out of the scriptures; telling them the crucial realities about our Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 17:1-4). Therefore, He not only had the heart experience, but he had the head knowledge.

Now, knowledge of the scriptures by itself isn’t profitable, unless it affects the heart and the disposition of the individual. Even Satan possessed a knowledge of the scriptures (Matt 4:6), but his heart was stone set on Evil. Big brains don’t cut it. We don’t study or hear sermons to show off knowledge, but to live out scripture and rightly divide the word of Truth.


Measuring One God Quotient

The question “How do we measure one’s God quotient?” asks how do we measure to what extent a person is filled with God? Just like IQ, the God quotient can be measured, but unlike IQ, you are not assigned a metric score as a measure. Christ is the standard of measurement.

Your GQ is measured by how close you attain to the full measure of the stature of Christ (Eph 4:13). The more you get intimate with Christ, the more you begin to look like Him. Now Christ is the author and the finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2), and so it is not just the case, but perfectly reasonable, that we strive to look like Him.

The fruits and lifestyle you display tell a lot about your God quotient; Christ tells us that the fruits a person bears are an indication of the kind of person they are (Matt 7:16). If your God quotient is increasing, it should tell on your passion for the Lord and the things of the Lord.


Factors that Impede our God Quotient

  • Pride and the feeling that we know the Lord too well: The proud heart doesn’t fear the Lord, and God has promised to reveal His secret unto them that fear Him (Psalm 25:14). He also promises to dwell in that man that fears Him and trembles at His word (Isaiah 66:1-2). When you are getting too familiar with the Lord to the point that you don’t tremble at His word, and have become “too knowledgeable” of all the preacher is going to say, you are very unlikely to grow in intimacy with God. You need to get back to the cross
  • Unresponsiveness to the Scripture (and Disobedience): If you know read about the taste of a Chinese soup; and perhaps learned to describe the taste as precise as possible in words, without the experience of actually tasting the soup, you don’t really know how the soup tastes. Many people have heard sermons but just fall short in obedience. Your profession about the Lord doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t follow God (Titus 1:16). Your knowing about righteousness doesn’t tell anything if you are still living deep in the bondage of sin. Seek to apply the respond to the Word of God
  • Spiritual Laziness: This is a compound problem that affects both the way we seek the Lord, and the time we make for the things of the Lord. You are unable to make out time to pray to God, but you can easily engage in “small talk” with most people you meet; brother, you need a touch. Also, if you easily give up seeking the Lord, then it could be a discouragement that stems from being spiritually lazy. Some of us would turn our houses downside up if we lost our car keys inside; let us not feel that God isn’t worth seeking after. It is those that seek him that would find Him.
  • Rejecting and Forgetting the Word of God (Hosea 4:6)


Developing Your God Quotient

If you are going to grow in the knowledge of God, if you are going to be more filled with the Lord then you must

  • Study the scriptures (2Timothy 2:15) and pray for understanding (Matt 22:29).
  • Obey the Lord in ALL THINGS (Luke 6:46-49)
  • Fear the Lord and Be humble (Isaiah 66:1-2)
  • Seek Him diligently, by meditating on His Word and also in the place of prayer (Jeremiah 29:13)
  • Speak the Truth, preach the Gospel (Ephesians 4:15)
  • Exercise yourself unto Godliness (1 Timothy 4:7)

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