Developing Your IQ

Moderator: Chidera Anisiobi
John 14:26

Did you know having your quiet time makes you smarter? So does praying and fasting:)

Definition and Introduction

IQ is a score derived from standardized tests to measure a person’s intelligence. It compares a person’s cognitive abilities in relation to their age group. Note that the results of an IQ test is not the deciding factor on a person’s abilities or brain power.

Lots of studies have been done on brain plasticity, These studies show that IQ score no longer has to refer to a number that limits us.  Rather, it can be seen simply as a starting point for us to continuously increase our intellectual skill sets for meaningful gains in all avenues of life. Thanks to brain plasticity. As one stretches his mental capacities over time, it takes on that new shape. And retains more capacity for expanding

Proverbs 4:5-7. Get wisdom and understanding

Types OF IQ

Logical/spatial Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence:

  • The most important influence on EQ is what we believe. Your beliefs have much more to do with how you feel than what is actually happening in your life. Acts 16:22-25
  • We can improve our emotional intelligence by avoiding cognitive distortions – self-magnification, emotion-based reasoning, overgeneralization, etc

The bottom line is that emotional intelligence can be learned. And since emotional intelligence is learned rather than merely inherited, it can be developed.

  • What would it mean to have an emotionally intelligent boss
  • How would you like to have had/be an emotionally intelligent parent
  • A church full of mutual understanding, acceptance, tolerance and correction, an emotionally intelligent church
Steps for Logical IQ Improvement

So if you’ve been waiting for the keys to get a better score on your IQ test, here goes

  • Get enough sleep
  • Learn a Musical instruments/classical music
  • Be curious/inquisitive
  • Do math problems/play brain training games/cognitive thinking
  • Learn a craft, a new language, or take up a new hobby (keeps your mind active and makes you better at problem solving.
  • Reading: Increase your vocabulary
  • Body Exercise – Get some tough cardio routines
  • Intermittent fasting: helps improve cognitive functioning in humans by increasing the amount of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF)…which has been linked to improvements in both learning and memorization. Ironically, intermittent-fasting boosts the production of growth hormone and is also linked to growing new brain cells.
  • Do an alpha-brain wave activity each day
  • How does your quiet time make you smart? By generating alpha brain waves.

There are 5 different types of human brain waves, all of which move at different speeds (measured in hertz) and change constantly throughout the day (slower brain waves, you feel calm and relaxed, when higher-frequency brain waves are dominant, you’re super alert)

  • Delta waves are predominant during deep sleep.
  • Theta waves can increase when you’re sleeping or during hypnosis.
  • Alpha waves dominate when you’re in a relaxed & calm state of mind.
  • Beta waves are the waves of consciousness and reasoning.
  • Gamma waves happen when you get a sudden insight
Alpha Brain Wave State

This is the most creative brain wave state and most regenerative for our brain cells.  An alpha brain wave activity a day (like prayer/meditation) is wonderful for your brain cells.


  • Benefits include improved memory, increased intelligence, creativity, and alertness.
  • How to produce alpha waves: daydreaming, meditation….on the goodness of God, deep breathing, prayer (not the type we pray in fire night vigils. Prayer to your all knowing and all powerful father…)
  • Remember, Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.



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